Ecology and Sustainibility Community of Interest

The Clean Air Forum is an association, intending to promote environmentally sustainable construction of new buildings and renovations by selecting suitable products such as flooring, installation materials, interior wall paint, wall coverings, furniture, upholstered furniture, wood products, textile interior materials and other space-shaping (construction) products.

The Clean Air Forum cooperates with leading manufacturers of building products and home furnishings as well as universities, colleges and experts engaged in the current state of the art in terms of ecological building materials and the associated issues concerning indoor air.

The Forum establishes quality standards for achieving ecologically sustainable values in new construction and renovation of old buildings and monitors compliance with the guideline for healthy indoor air.

The review of national and international guidelines are conducted by accredited testing institutes. The necessary supervision is controlled by approved institutions.

The Clean Air Forum sees itself as a promoter of cooperation between the various trades and regards itself as a competent advisor to the client and investor who has ecologically sustainable building goal.

The association’s activities do not aim at profit or obtaining economic benefits, but only for use as an interface and an information carrier, when dealing with the implementation of indoor air quality.